Research projects I am or was involved with.

Running projects

Creative Skills 21: In this project, the partners aim to define the most relevant 21st century skills for the creative industry education, by analysing the gap between industry needs and educational (VET) offerings. Subsequently they aim to bring these skills into VET education by proposing it as an integrated part of the vocational education and the creative design process. To do so, the project will organize training weeks where vocational teachers will receive professionalisation regarding the relevant 21st century skills, and will immediately apply these by coaching international student projects. The overall objective will be the professionalisation of the participating teachers as well as their peers at home, and the implementation of the 21st century skills in the strategic agendas of the schools, and, via international networks like EGIN and the IC, also in other schools. (Erasmus+, 2019–2022)

I‑KNOW-HOW: Faciliting returning to work after cancer. (Interreg 2 Mers Seas Zeëen, 2019–2022)

DOCE: Digital Online Creativity Education (Erasmus+, 2021–2022)

Archived projects

At Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

e‑Voto: developing an electronic tool for caretakers to assess the fall risks in the homes of elderly clients (PWO Arteveldehogeschool 2017–2019)

THRIVE!: Developing enterpreneurial skill modules for the creative industries. (ErasmusPlus 2016–2019)

Commercialpolis: Audiovisual storytelling (ErasmusPlus 2016–2019)

Scrum Talent Kit: design research to develop a sustainability employment add-on for the scrum methodology. (PWO Arteveldehogeschool 2016–2017)

Child-Centered Design: explorative research on how to involve young children in the co-design proces of digital learning materials (Verkennende PWO Arteveldehogeschool 2016–2017)

CIGN: Creative Industries Global Network. (ErasmusPlus 2014–2017)

At previous positions

iMinds ICON: MAPLE, iRead+, EduTablet.
FP7: UniverSelf, FIspace, FInish.
IWT SBO: FLEET (Flemish E‑Publishing Trends).
IWT other: SMIF (Smarter Media in Flanders)

Advisory board

Projects where I am or was in the advisory board:

  • RePLAY Toddler, Arteveldehogeschool PWO.
  • Ontwikkeling en validering van een kijkwijzer voor de integratie van gamification in het lager onderwijs : een ontwerpgericht onderzoek, Arteveldehogeschool PWO.