Short bio

  • I have over ten years of research and teaching expertise in business modelling for ICT and media. During the last 5+ years, I have also built up extensive experience with design thinking (mostly human-centered design) processes.
  • Experienced in national and European projects with partners from academia, industry and public sector. Business model consultancy to SMEs and start-ups.
  • Application domains include media, design, journalism, graphical industries, e‑learning, telecommunications, agrifood, logistics and e‑health.


Longer bio

In 2002, I graduated my master’s in Information Management at Tilburg University. With courses focusing mostly on the fundamentals of business economics and computer science, this program provided a so-called helicopter view on information and communication technology (ICT) processes. I wrote my third-year thesis on the at the time upcoming methodology of eXtreme Programming (XP). My final thesis was on ICT architecture, in specific the relation between business processes and web services.

I then moved to Maastricht University for a research position at IKAT, an institute focusing on artificial intelligence. My main topic here was knowledge management. This provided me with a introduction into the academic discipline, teaching experience as well as a basic understanding of the A.I. field.

Subsequently, I worked for two years as a project researcher for the European Centre for Digital Communication (ECDC), an applied-research institute from Zuyd University (based in Maastricht and Heerlen), mostly on Dutch and Belgian projects around the digitalisation of media and journalism.

In 2009 I moved to Belgium to start working at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) – the first months at CEMESO, after that at iMinds-SMIT. Within the business modelling cluster I did applied research in a variety of projects, with topics including journalism, e‑learning, agrifood, logistics and the Future Internet. I also worked in a number of small projects consulting small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on business model development for new services.

Since 2015, I am a research collaborator and lecturer at the professional bachelor for Graphic and Digital Media of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (Arteveldehogeschool). I teach courses on Project Management and Professional Communications, and I am involved with research projects and project acquisition. See the Projects page for details.

In my years of applied research at different institutes and in different disciplines, I’ve gained a robust experience in research acquisition (proposal writing), research implementation and research dissemination. I’ve worked with many types of partners (from government to multinationals to SMEs and start-ups), in a variety of field: from telecommunications to logistics to media and content industries.

In general, I’ve always worked in the field of ICT and new media from a social and business viewpoint.

In terms of methodology, I’m experienced in:

  • Human-Centered Design: IDEO-certified HCD facilitator and design thinker
  • Business modelling and business development: business model canvas, lean canvas, validation board, etc.
  • Market and industry analysis: value network analysis, stakeholder interviews, value and control matrix, MACTOR analysis, platform analysis, etc.
  • Market readiness and impact: market opportunity analysis, forecasting and scenario development, impact assessment, etc.
  • In addition, I’m experienced in project coordination and acquisition (Flanders and EU).

A more detailed résumé can be found on LinkedIn.